Is My NLP Model Working? The Answer is Harder Than You Think

Speaker: Graham Neubig (CMU)

Date and Time: Monday, February 27 at 3:30pm CT

Place: 2405 SC or Virtual


As natural language processing now permeates many different applications, its practical use is unquestionable. However, at the same time NLP is still imperfect, and errors cause everything from minor inconveniences to major PR disasters. Better understanding when our NLP models work and when they fail is critical to the efficient and reliable use of NLP in real-world scenarios. So how can we do so? In this talk I will discuss two issues: automatic evaluation of generated text, and automatic fine-grained analysis of NLP system results, which are some first steps towards a science of NLP model evaluation.


Graham Neubig is an associate professor at the Language Technologies Institute of Carnegie Mellon University and CEO of Inspired Cognition. His research focuses on natural language processing, with a focus on multilingual NLP, natural language interfaces to computers, and machine learning methods for NLP system building and evaluation. His final goal is that every person in the world should able to communicate with each-other, and with computers in their own language. He also contributes to making NLP research more accessible through open publishing of research papers, advanced NLP course materials and video lectures, and open-source software, all of which are available on his web site.